Help in deciding what type of dog to get?

I'm a cat person, not a dog person.
However, my fiancé has just been enlisted into the Navy and I figured walking a dog daily would be a good way for a housewife to get her exercise. Well, to be honest it's either dogs or rats, and I'm not quite sure which I'm going to go through with yet. We're not moving for another year, so I'm doing as much research as I can now beforehand.

First of all, I would need a dog that does well indoors, and isn't particularly loud. I don't mind a dog that occasionally barks, I'm not asking for a mute dog. I just don't want to be kept up at 3 am, especially when my future husband is home from deployments! He deserves his sleep.
I would also need a dog that does well with cats, because I have a cat. She's a domestic shorthair and 5 years old, if that makes a difference.

I've never really had a dog before. My family did, but I wasn't very interested in it, I was always interested in cats.

Unless of course there's a breed of indoor cat that could be taken outside for walks that I'm unaware of. In which case, I'd much prefer that.
Asked Sep 18, 2015
get a lab
Answered Oct 23, 2015
OMG dear, so much requirement in one dog. You really can't enjoy with this kind og dog as per my opinion. Don't think about owning a dog.
Answered Jun 21, 2016

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