Is it ok to have sex when your 11 with nouther 11 year old! DONT IGNORE THIS

i am a mother and I went out to go shoping and the babysitter wasn't even there for her little brother! (SHES FIERD NOW) anywho I herd fast moans and the sound of sex. I walked up to her door hopeing that were only having the porn talk. opened it and she was doing it on her bed doggy style with some outher dude that's came over before because she covenced me that hes gay (LIES) they were using a condom and lube that he bought (i now this because I freaked out and started asking questions) is it ok for her to have sex at 11!
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Asked Sep 17, 2015
Edited Sep 17, 2015
Well its not technically wrong. But, if your Christian its a sin. It's up to you. Just wear a condom or use birth control pills
Answered Sep 27, 2015
If they're children or teenagers about the same age or both are adults and they both consent (agree) to and want it and they use protection then what's the problem? Don't freak out or shame them, just have a serious talk about safe sex and consent and it'll all be good. Also if you think the parents of the ones who had sex (I got the impression you're not the parent of either of them?) won't freak out and shame them then tell them so these kids/teens can go to them for advice as well.
Answered Oct 16, 2015
Why is everybody saying it's okay? It's illegal and if she gets pregnant she could die giving birth that young. If her period hasn't started then she can't get pregnant but it's still illegal, and
Please switch on your autocorrect/spellcheck and never hire an 11 year old babysitter. Also tell her mother and wash your sheets.
Answered Oct 29, 2015
Oh my god! No it isnt ok! 11 YEARS OLD?!?? No- Doing /it/ at 11 can SERIOUSLY mess up her body! Im not too educated but Im more informed than some, im pretty mature, I have a mental age of maybe 17, I know that doing this can result bad. It also just isnt right...
Answered Mar 31, 2020
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Answered Mar 31, 2020
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Answered Oct 28, 2020
Probably not. Seems like odds of two 11yr olds in close enough area being both truly ready aren't likely at all. I rarely hear of the same age younger than 13 being a couple that'll kiss around here. Always seems there's years gap. 11 yr old boy probably wouldn't be able to go without annoying or angering the lady since we mature first. D:
Answered Dec 06, 2021
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Answered Sep 17, 2015
Sex between a male and female is not wrong, perverted or vile, no matter what age they may be, if they both agree and have the knowledge to perform the act and practice safe sex then it should be considered ok for youngsters to partake of this god given pleasurable activity and basic human right.

Because children have been sexual with each other regardless of the laws and your constant negative preaching for centuries, has only made them that much more curious and interested in sex, isn't it about time you ignorant people start accepting the fact that youngsters are sexual beings just like us adults, and start rolling with the flow because your efforts to discourage child sexuality have never made any difference and they never will.
Answered Sep 26, 2015
no its not ok
Answered Oct 28, 2015

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