I'm really scared about this Test I'm Gonna Take? Help?

On Thursday In Math Class We Are Having a Test, and It is on Integer Rules.But The Teacher's Assistant, Who's Name is Mr. Searce, said that if we don't pass the Test, He'll make us go to his room during every "Enhancement" Class every day and make us retake the test every day over and over again until we pass it, I'm really scared that If I Don't pass the test, I'll Have To do that.And I don't want to miss my Enhancement Class and I'm Also really scared of Mr. Searce because he yells all the time and hurts people's feelings and says that if we don't do good on this Test in the 8th Grade, We Won't Pass.I'm already having Trouble with Integer Rules and Today We also had to take a Test and I made a 40 on it and Mr. Searce said that I was going to have to work on it.Also Today, One of My Friends made a Bad Grade on the Test and Mr. Searce got mad at him and said that he wasn't gonna pass the 8th Grade if he didn't pass the test on Thursday and that he was doing horrible in Math Class and almost made him cry and hurt his Feelings.I'm also scared that If I have to go to his class during Enhancement every day to retake the test until I pass it, He'll yell at me and get mad at me and stuff.I really don't want to fail the test and have to go to Mr. Searce 's class every day and retake it until I pass it.And I don't think Mr. Searce should be doing this.I really really am scared of Mr. Searce also because I'm afraid He might yell at me, What should I do?
Asked Sep 15, 2015

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