Why is my sister acting like this?

My sister is 17 and turning 18 in January. She has never had a job and literally Sat round the house every day all summer., on the Internet or watching spongebob. School starts this week and she has no friends cuz of being bullied so she signed up for a cosmetology course at a local college, so she will only be at the high school for a couple periods then the college. The college is 45 minutes away and both of my parents work and I am 14. They said she would have to get her license plus a part time job and pay $300 in rent every month. She started to cry and ran upstairs and slammed the door. She said it's too much pressure and she can't do it. She won't stop crying, she says she doesn't want to grow up and that my parents can't make her. She always says to stop talking about those things, and starts screaming and gets emotional. She says she doesn't want to work and be a miserable (f)uck and started crying more. My mom is spending $1800 on the cosmetology classes. Plus she spent $250 on her back to school clothes. She never does her chores. Her grades aren't that good either. She always is a smart mouth and screams about everything. She's overly dramatic. My mom said she should try and do the cosmetology and next summer she will have a job and won't be sitting around the house. My sister screamed back you can't make me get a job and I don't owe you a cent and slammed the door and I think she's crying right now. Why is she acting like this?
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Asked Aug 30, 2015
Edited Aug 30, 2015

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