Got a charge while on bond

Ok, So I caught a charge of domestic violence, I went in front of a judge and bonded out. Now I have court next week and I caught a charge a few days ago for "obstruction" the night the man that ran from police was wearing the same color shirt as I was, but it was not me. The police detained me drove me to the man that seen everything and shined flashlights on me. they asked the guy if it was me and he said yes but only because he seen the same color tshirt but not my face or height. I then was arrested for obstruction and caught a new charge while on bond. I was then bonded out for the obstruction charge, I have court next week for the domestic charge for the final pretrial. Now after I bonded out for obstruction I was walking down the street that the man identified me on and he said he found out it was me that was arrested and said it could not have been you because your taller with shorter hair. he said he would testify it was not me. so when I go to court for the domestic charge and they seen I got a new charge am I going to have to sit in jail or can I bring the man there and he say it was not me?
Asked Aug 24, 2015
Edited Aug 24, 2015

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