Why am I being abused?

I owe some money and my dad refuses to let me stay at his house again right now, and treat me like a human and he won't directly approach me again about his offer for me to stay back in his house. And someone else said that I have to stop using my computer or else they will use electric shock therapy on me and that if I do not obey and do not start doing nothing in life they will use electric shock therapy, keep me in a caravan where I have nothing to do, and take my computer away. How to deal? I was also told contradictory that I do not have to pay anything. We are planning to move away but not right now. I don't want to move a man who is threatening to make me live in his caravan or in his house and spend months doing nothing when I am not working for his behalf I will work at his house or I will face much worse constraints. I was made an offer by a friend recently but was not able to take it up as I was sick. I was also given several other offers. I cannot contact them now. They will contact me next month however I am expecting to be away at that time. And I will not be able to come. I don't know what to do. Should I go on the trip or should I wait for the meetings that I have to go to for work? If I don't go I will end up in legal trouble. If I don't go to the trip I may miss an opportunity. I don't know what to do. My friend isn't contacting me. I wrote to her. But she isn't answering. Sometimes I just want to give up. I offer my help but I am usually only offered shitty offers and now I am starting to remember what I truly want. I may get a good offer if I get one of the jobs but most of the job offers were sh*tty. If I don't go I may end up having to pay a much bigger debt. My dad lies to me. I am hoping to go to my moms. My mom's husband is very controlling. My dad and mom and stepdad and these people except my friend try to hold me back. They made me agree to something but my dad overturned my thoughts so I was not able to keep up with my promise with confidence. I will not take up something that does not main my confidence. My dad thinks that if he hurt me because I am in the middle of his marital dispute I am petty and useless. And he thinks that I am hurt by cold nasty aggressive devious people makes me weak and too weak hearted. My friend knows what situation I am in and she offered to help me get out of it. I was told what my options were at the time and I agreed to one but my dad told me not to and that I was hurting my self.
I was told that if I don't pay a bill on the my liver will be taken. But physically I am not able to take that. I thought that I was going to go back to dads at around this time or change my work situation but it didn't happen. I know that the church dad's in is also planning on excommunicating, investigating me for not paying back the debt quick. I am a long way walking distance from anywhere but I now have transport. People here (adults and children) point and laugh at me and talk down and chant at me. I am developing new skills. Dad says I can't go back to his house. I am expecting a change in my financial situation. But it hasn't come. People do all they can to stop me. And I get demotivated by peoples denigrating attitude. I can just see them witch hunting, kniving at me.
Asked Aug 23, 2015
Edited Aug 23, 2015
When u go to school go to the deep. Tell him everything and they will call protective services and tell then ur scared he will abuse u again and he does it often don't be scared u have to do this for you
Answered Sep 17, 2015

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