I want to kill myself am I right or wrong?

I'm 25 year old boy. My life is full of failure. I got no real friends I got problems with money etc. I have MBA degree on finance but I didn't get any job yet because I haven't reference and money . I thought about this alot and I think for me it is time to go.There is nothing left for me in this world besides suffering and pain.So if anyone can help me please do something for me
Asked Aug 18, 2015
gusher my name is Susan an though I may not know what you are going through the right now, I can assure you life is wroth living. I've been thing the same thing your thinking right know but I don't know if you believe in something greater than yourself a creator but He is the only one that loves you more than anybody and as hard as it is to say He will make things right. If it's pain in your heart, you must be broken before you are put back together. I came from the pit of hell and am not the only one give God a chance talk to him confess what you think are sins and tomorrow will be another day and another and before you know it you won't remember this feeling but only to help someone in your same situation.
tusher Sep 01, 2015
Tusher I'm gunna share with you my story and I hope it makes you feel better it started about 3years ago when my uncle died I couldn't cope with the upset and depression so I started smoking marijuana to make me feel better then just after Christmas just gone my grandma passed away she was the person I was closest to but she wasn't afraid to give me a good whack and not soon after my dad had kicked me out of his house so I went do go live with my brother and his partner then my partner called me and said she wanted to split up with me after we was together for 5 years we was supposed to get married I found out that my farther had been messing around with her head so I was sofa surfing at my brothers house then his girlfriend started playing with my head even though I was pretty fucked up by what had happened previous I ended up sleeping with her my brother left his family home so I was left there I had no money no job barely a place to live so I tried to go back to my dad's and he wouldn't let me back so I had to call my mum we didn't get along much as I hit my mums mum in the face so I had to make up with her I'm now at my mums house living on the sofa slowly but surely I'm getting my life back I know it's a dark place where u are pall but u will find the light soon enough trust me u just have to buckle down and get through the shit u have if u need someone to talk to u can talk to me if u like u can Facebook me my name is Liam Deathe it's the one with marijuana as the profile pic I hope u get well buddy
Answered Aug 18, 2015
tusher Sep 01, 2015
Don't do it.There is so much more for you.Just look for hope.
Answered Sep 01, 2015
tusher Sep 01, 2015
Hi,Attitude is very important
Answered Sep 01, 2015
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Answered Sep 02, 2015
You need some time to make all the things clear which makes you feel uncomfortable or sad.
Answered Apr 26, 2016

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