Should I smile at my crush? I'll answer yours in return! :)

Hi so I have a crush on this boy. It all started when I first noticed him at registration and he smiled at me. Sense school has started, he has smiled at me again and we make eye contact sometimes and I have caught him checking me out before! Lol but we have no classes and have never talked and he is a senior and I am a sophomore. I think he is very cute and I'd like to get to know him but I'm kinda shy when it comes to guys and I'm wondering if I should smile at him? I want him to approach me and I want to come off as friendly so I was wondering if that would work. I'd like your guy's opinion on what I should do and should I smile at him frequently? I don't want to be creepy. Any opinion helps and would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Aug 16, 2015
Oh heck yeah girl. Smile at him. I don't think any harm is done by a smile. Just take things slow. Build a relationship and don't let anything justify moving to fast in a relationship. Just because you find each other attractive does not justify a relationship and making one for this reason is asking for trouble. I would give it a chance but remember there is always other fish in the sea. I hope the best for you. Peace
Answered Aug 16, 2015

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