Do they like me, or am I just overthinking things?

Okay this is a veeeeerrrrryyyyyy long question.... Be prepared

There's two guys in my new class. I'm equally interested in both, but I don't know whether any of them really like me, or if they just appreciate me as a good girl friend...

Guy number 1 is really energetic, he's always joking around with me, and often starts our conversations. It seems to as if he enjoy spending time with me, but I don't know if he really likes me.
He often touch me, and sometimes we hug. Play-fighting (physically) is common for us.

Guy number 2 is more reserved... But he's more open to me than the other girls. I am usually the one starting the conversations, but he seems to enjoy talking with me, as I do with him. He doesn't mind physical contact, and we've hugged once or twice, but it's nothing like guy 1... Then again he smiles at me whenever I do something.

Now here comes the big thing. A few days ago our class went on a trip. We slept outside in tents.
On the very first day I used a lot of time with guy 1. We talked, and the flow in our conversation was really natural.

Our class had to do some challenges while being on this trip, and on day one we were supposed to climb trees. When it was my turn I was practically shitting my pants. (I'm really scared of heights) both guys where really sweet and helped get the courage to climb the damned tree. Anyways, halfway up guy 1 suddenly screams "good ass" to me.

I don't know whether he did it to make me relax or because he meant it.

Well nothing much happened until later that night. We all sat around the fire, when someone suddenly asked me what I thought of guy 1, I answered that he was a really good friend, which made a lot of the other boys exclaim that he had just been "friend zoned"?
I really didn't know what to think about it...
Maybe it's because I spend a lot of time with the boys that the others said that.

Anyways we went to bed, and it was really really cold (I live in Denmark where it's really cold at night)

The next day I was still freezing and guy 1 offered me his jacket. Of course Rae I was happy and accepted the jacket. I then asked him if he wouldn't be cold, and he said not to worry because he had a high tolerance towards the cold....

Now we continued our activities for the day, which where near a lake. To make a long story short, the guys meant it was fun to throw the girls into the cold water. When I went to change my clothes guy 2 followed, keeping me company he said or something like that. Anyways, I discovered that I had forgotten my t-shirts at home. He offered to go get me one of his t-shirts. I found this really sweet cause I knew he only brought two t-shirts with him. When we walked back to the others he lent me his iced tea bottle, which was now filled with water. I drank some, and commented that the water tastes real sweet probably because of the iced tea. He then answered that I was probably he because he had been drinking from it with his lips, since they always "tasted sweet".
I shrugged it of laughing a bit and told him that "whatever floats your boat goes".

Nothing weird happened until guy 2 and I went to get water for the camp, he asked me whether I'd like to watch the meteorite rain that was supposed to happen tonight with him.
I gotta say that I was happy he was talking to me so freely, so I happily agreed to do so.
So at night when the others sat at the fire talking and eating we left to go see the stars + meteorite rain.
He knew a lot about astrology and it was really fun, when we finally went back my friend said that they had been searching for us through the last hour or so. We apologized and the night went on.
Now it became real awkward when both guys sat beside me, I didn't know what to say, and it seemed they didn't either, luckily my friend is talkative and soon got the conversation going.
In the end we were talking about the auburn break and what each of us had planned. I had nothing to do but guy 2 was going to his holiday-house. He said that if I wanted to I could join him, but it wasn't going to be very interesting he said. I just smiled and answered that he was real sweet and it sounded fun.

Once again I was confused, was this just an act of kindness? I didn't know...

We went to bed afterwards. That was when I remebered that I should probably give guy 2 his t-shirt back. So I went to the guys tent. It was cold outside and I was wearing shorts so I was freezing when I knocked their tent. Anyways he got his t-shirt back and I apologized for making it smell like a girl, which he said he didn't mind much. Guy 1 then asked me if I was freezing, and proceeded to tell me that he wouldn't mind keeping me warm. This made the other guys snicker. Which made me think that it was a stupid joke and not to be taken serious.

The next day we went home by train. Both guys got along fine, which made me happy cause they are both really sweet and are actually good friends. There wasn't much space on the train so we sat three people on two seats, like:
Guy 1-me-guy 2

My girl friend and another boy had two seats right beside us.
At the next stop a person left the train leaving a seat unoccupied. I thought that one of my he guys would move, but they didn't.
As they both explained "they had just sat down and didn't want to switch places now"

Am I the only one who is confused about their behavior???
I've only known them for about a week.......
Also, guy 1 has been texting me quite a lot, and guy 2 insisted to give me a ride home from from the train station so I needn't wait for the next bus.

Please help me.
Am I totally delusional or do both boys seem interested in me?
Thank you sincerely (sorry for the bad grammar, English is not my native language. +this was done in a hurry)
Asked Aug 16, 2015

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