What do you do when a teenager is sending abusive text messages to you?

He is much younger than me and is sending me sexual text messages. I liked him but now its getting a little too sexual! He also goes by two different names.
He is asking to see my breasts and pussy. He also shows he is in a relationship with someone. I also suspect my neighbor is abusing me pretending to be someone else. It would be different if we knew each other in person and he was much older. He knows I like him but I am not sure if I like him in that way. He told me his computer stopped working, changed his profile pic to a little immature (toddler) boy and told me only his cellphone is working. He has pictures of various men on his profile, says his brother is unwell in hospital. My dad told me he knows this guy and that he is abusing me because (the church told him to) a group connected to the church he goes to told them to abuse me because I am abusing them by going to them to get help with my problems(?) And that if something is ordered I have to do it. And now he denies knowing anything about it but acts like he knows that I know this boy and he is ok with it. I suspect someone has a fake profile and it's someone I know. My next door neighbor told my dad my dad passed onto me that my neighbor wants me to move out back into my dad's because I am (younger than) my age. I am in my late 20s. My friend apparently wants to adopt me. Who lives somewhere else. However she wants me to adopt to a different lifestyle. And wants me to get a job where she works. We are only about 6 years apart and I am not even sure if she is still alive. Apparently the church came to my house while I was sick and stuck in bed, told me I have to come with them now and get a shunning meeting done on me or else I will be kicked out or get a disciplinary meeting for not going and they will question it and ban me from the church. Everyone tells me I am retarded, tells me what I am thinking when they are around me and says I'm stupid. Dad told me he made the profile for the boy and he also told me it wasn't me and he didn't make it. And someone was ordered to make it and he wanted to change me and the idea was to tell me how dumb I am for "being under age" and to get me to go back to my dads and hook up with me. I worked at the church for years, and some of the members I knew since infanthood. Dad told me church people would hang around my house harassing me (covertly) because it was ordered and that he would pretend it never happened and I am in trouble for venting to someone from church from facebook (who acted like he was happy to help me to me and to my friend who told me I could tell her anything?) I keep wanting to die and being suicidal because they are doing all this. And they were the only ways I could cope. And I was told if I don't stop I will have an order written on me by the church for abusing them. They discredited all the work I had done in the past and dad told me that they said and that harmed all of them and to stop harming him and his wife.

I was told that the government can take away my keyboard (which I bought with my savings) that I am psycho and they can take me to a house to calm me down (because I am getting fed up and angry because they are ignoring, me, because I got the flu/infection/sick, and doctors said I was psycho cause I think I'm sick (even though I had blood and my body was stiff they said this is because I am looking my mind, weather I want to be put away or put on anti anxiety drugs). My neighbors said that they had been here longer than me so I have to be 100% quiet otherwise they will stalk and harass me. Dad said that if I go back to his house I can have no computer, nothing. And the people at the house who want me they want to take away my computer, my rights. I have no friends here and my reputation gets ruined everyone hates me on sight and pretends to like me most of the time sometimes they just act like baby toddlers without respect. The government/church people said I had to take up one of their offers. They were vague about the ones I wanted and told me that I was abusing them by not immediately taking up their offers when I was sick and couldn't get out of bed.
I called the ambulence because I thought I was unwell and the ambulence staff said to me "are you lesbian" And "she is lesbian" and then they said are you lesbian? And a guy from the ambulience wanted to have a relationship with me but I was lesbian. It was a pitty.
And they asked me if I called them because I wanted to have sex and dance with guys all night, the reason I do knitting and art is because I want to share it with a lesbian girlfriend or wife and that if I don't pay back money I owe they will let everyone know and all the lesbians know that I am a lesbian. And one of them said they hate people (who are in my situation) and my neighbor started yelling angrily that I was making too much noise because I had called the amblience at night and that I'm such a bitch. A guy I dated years ago had said he would ruin my reputation and my dad had made a big deal that I had vented to a few people in past and told them he will use people in my past to ruin my name and people who supported his group and he basically cut me off anything that mattered for me and had people bully me so I would want to die and start cutting myself and attempting suicide weekly or monthly and make me look like a looser for venting to my friend every month or two (who wants to make me look like a poor looser). Apparently my friend lost her job, someone spiked my drink and someone else died.
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Asked Aug 15, 2015
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