How can I keep my male leopard gecko from trying to get intimate?

I wanted to breed my male leopard gecko but the female leo I just bought is young. When he tries to get on, they start fighting. He's done this twice and is getting hurt a lot. I've put a separator in the tank to keep them away from each other. Every time he sees her he follows her and tries to get intimate over and over! Is there any way I can get her used to him and also keep him from trying? I'm not very good at breeding leos and I don't have a separate tank to put her in.
Asked Aug 14, 2015
Well buy a seperate tank! 10 gallons don't cost much! If the female is too young, she's prolly too small. You need to house her separately until she becomes an adult/ breeding size. Other wise your other gecko is raping her & it's pointless:(
Answered Apr 12, 2016

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