Why are country people so weird?

They think knitting and bright colours are lesbian except in toddlers or old ladies, that everyone should work all day and then clean up and sit and sleep.

They think summer is "warm" when its cold here and I have to wear winter clothes all year round. They back stab good people for being into hobbies they think all fun is childish. I think I might be dreaming and I have to wake up to the real world where everything is good (this life is a dream).

They think its weird that I want to leave my house, leave town, stay, work, stay, they think its funny that I buy groceries, shop ride a bike. But its not funny if they walk or buy groceries. They think its funny that I make my hair pretty. They think if I don't wear earth colours I am weird. Even though they are available here. It is unusual for someone like me to act and do the things I do but it would be normal for someone else. People think it is unusual for me to want to have friends, do stuff. Yet it is not unusual for them. And it is normal for them to want to make my life a hell. There is a guy who likes me and my neighbor told him that I am a bitch and don't talk to me, she wouldn't yet pretends to be nice to me. She told people that she saw me drinking, cheating on many men and buying drugs and that I have a boyfriend. I have done none of the above. She thinks she is doing it and so does my dad "to protect me" he lies to "protect" me. Dad told me if I tell anyone what he did he will tell people that I am lying an schitzophrenic.

When I work really hard I am told I am being bad, when I don't I am told I am lazy.

The children at a school I go past when I go to or from my house laugh at me in unison (most of them do). Everyone makes fun of me accusing me of being rich and that I win money all the time.

My dad tells other people that people I know and believe in from my home town don't exist (even though he knows they do) I will say this womens' name and he will say who is she? Then he will talk about her later in another context. And he will say he knows I talked to her but he will disregard that I had talked to her. Same with other people.

The people where I live always make me suicidal even though my dad organized me to have suicide councelling I'm still suicidal cause of the environ I live.

I feel noone will ever appreciate my ideas. I have great ideas. My neighbor women told people that my ideas are crazy.

My mom wanted to talk with me and her neighbors kids (I offered to help them) then she told me she had no idea what I was talking about when I said " what happened to our skype chat we were going to have?" Then she told me I wanted to chat to you all day and spent the day chatting with me herself.

My dad said nobody will ever want to be friends with me if I always treat him rude the way I treat him (obviously I do cause I treat him bad) so he will ruin my reputation and nobody will want to hire me. When people treat me bad and I start venting to cope my dad starts telling people I should never be hired and that I am bad because I am always such a negative person).
The paramedic testing for epilepsy thinks they know how to judge weather someone is homosexual and they said they know if someone is homo or lesbian, yep, they know how to judge.

I was doing some work that involves walking and people saw me and started jeering at me and said "GAY!" "You lesbian!" She works!
WTF. She's ugly she looks like Rachel. She looks like a little kid. Haha.

The neighbors shouted she just became rich! She's rich!

They said they know I'm hiding doing drugs and that I am an illiegal. I am neither!

Dad told me that I am way too thin skinned and that I should toughen. And to stop feeling sorry for myself. And my tarot readings told me that I am in the wrong and that I'm bad for doing all it. I didn't do any of that! WTF I just want to dissipear and die.

I owe money and I told dad I'm going to do work this morning dad told me like "Huh, you going to do work? This morning? Huh? Weird."

I was talking to mom over skype and she said at least some of the things you posted on your facebook were positive. Actually most of them were. Dad told me some of the things I posted on my facebook (he said the good things I shared were negative, but they were positive). He was also angry that I shared things on facebook and he said don't you see, I also want to share things and be known. Its not fair that you share things. Too. What do you think you're doing?

I was angry with dad and he said "We don't swear around here" as though I was a child. Although he is always angry hot headed and swearing.

My dad implied he wants me to go back to his place but when I am at his place he tries to take everything I have away. I told him I want to leave the country. He asked me why do you want to leave the country? Implied why don't you go to mom's? But She won't let me go to her house. I told them I wanted to go to moms they said no you can't go.

Dad told me before that mom ruined my reputation.

I thought dad told me "I've arranged some people they'll be spying on your internet." For the church.

Dad said "You're violating the church we're in (he's in) and they won't let you back, your a bad person and that I am not in the church. And that I have to follow the churchs rules and some people I thought came over and said they were going to have a meeting while I was unwell and unable to get out of bed, said more or less "You have to come with us now for a shunning. To judge if you should be excommunicated/Disciplined seversely." This is partly because you are getting money for your sickness. I told dad can I go back to your house. He said no. He said you cant go back. He said you have to come back.

A women told me "stop getting a pitty party" and if I keep going back to her when I keep having my reputation ruined that she needs to feel sorry for me if I still need her after being backslandered every day and become very unhappy then I'm just a poor looser. And dad said basically that my ideas are never any good.

I told dad I am going to do the work that involves walking where dad wants. And dad was shocked that I would. And suprised I was going to go out to do the work and judgemental towards me. He didn't want me to.

I told dad I was very sick and he said me its all my fault. I am afraid to leave my house because I will be judged.

Some people asked me "where are you from?" I told them. They said "Well there are all sorts of people there" as though I was not welcome here. As though I was different, some how.

I am in my late twenties and people asked me "Why don't you go back with your parents" looked me like "You're strange."
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Asked Aug 12, 2015
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