Am I Ready for Sex?

I am a fourteen year old female. This boy that I have been dating for several YEARS and I are very close. I don't just mean that I like him or that I think he's cute; he and I have a deep connection. We know everything about each other. We've told each other our darkest secrets, and we're comfortable discussing nearly any subject together. He makes me so happy. I feel that I am 100% ready to have sex, that is, if HE wants to. This is not something that anyone has pressured me into, or something that I think will make him stay with me or love me. I just feel like I am emotionally prepared to share this deep connection with him. He gives me so many feelings no one else has. No one has made me this HAPPY. Once again, it's not because of peer pressure or wanting him to stay with me; I feel completely ready and want to take the next step. As for contraceptives, we would of course use a condom, and also, my period is very irregular; I get it about once every three months. Thank you.
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Asked Aug 08, 2015
Yes it sounds like you are pretty aware of and prepared for the next step towards a sexual relationship with this boy the question is, is this boy as ready and prepared to deal with all consequences that come with moving to the next step? most likely he may not be as ready or prepared to, and you might be better off with someone a little more mature for your first sexual experience.

But if your mind is set on this one guy because you've invested so much time and yourself in with him then that's understandable because sexual expression is the last step in a growing love relationship and it sounds like you've been patient with your sexuality for years while in this relationship with him and haven't given in to peer/his pressure or temptation, so if you've given it a lot of thought and you feel you are ready, then I see no problem in you moving forward with your relationship.
Answered Oct 31, 2015
As long as you feel ready and are going to use condoms... go for it. Good luck. You might want to get your boyfriend to use an antibacterial penis health creme as well. This will keep his penis extra clean and decrease the chances of a bacteria transfer during oral and other condom-less sex acts. I use one of these cremes and my girlfriend really appreciates it. Hope this helps.
Answered Sep 20, 2017

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