Why does my dog roll in dead carcass?

My brother caught a fish he was told to bury it in the garden. My dog's have managed to dig it up. Now my dog's roll in it. I just do not know why they roll in it. Looking forward to hearing from u guy's.
Asked Aug 08, 2015
As our dog got older, rolling in something smelly was not such an issue.

When we would put her out in the yard, she would immediately roll in the grass. But it seemed for pleasure or because her back was itchy. I checked to see if she was rolling in rabbit droppings or something, and also smelled her back for odor, but typically there was no problem. Of course, my sense of smell does not compare with that of a dog, so there could have been something in the grass that I couldn't detect but she could.

In the winter, rolling in the snow was obviously for the good feeling and pleasure of the act.
Answered Jan 01, 2016

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