Child custody

My X girlfriend left me in the middle of the night when I found her with another man. The story is long and complex, but at this point we will just say that she isn’t with him. I flipped out and she was just standing in our apartment looking at her phone texting. I flicked her face trying to get her attention and she flipped out saying I hit her. She then said her 4 year old child saw it and left with this man. She tried to take our son, but I would not let her. After this happened I received a visit by 8 police officers. I told them my story and they left without charging me. I did nothing wrong.

She now is telling me that she is his in home Nanny and will be taking care of his daughter and sick wife. This new home is over an hour away and in a different state. (We live in Pa and the new family lives in NJ)She now wants to take my son there and give me only weekend visitation. I got a lawyer involved and he is telling me I have nothing to worry about. She said that if it goes to trail I will lose all rights to my son. At this point there is no custody, so I don’t understand how she can just take him and give me no rights. We lived together his whole life in the sample apartment in Pa.

My plan is for my son to go to a Pre-school/daycare (2 Year old) well I work. She told me that no judge will allow me to send my kid to daycare well she could be watching him. I see it as she has no right to just get up and move out of state just to work as an in home Nanny at someone else resident. Am I crazy or is the judge really going to give her full custody of my child and only give me visitation?

Both me and Xgirl friend are from NY so nether one of us have family in either area. She just has her daughter, which I am not the father of.
Asked Aug 06, 2015

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