My parents don't like my drawings.

I draw people very often, usually original characters, because it is fun. I like to express my different feelings through my characters. Often when I draw characters who are goth, have piercings, (boys) wear flower crowns, people who look sickly, or draw older characters (as I have one character who is middle aged and an alcoholic, but they do not know his addiction side), my mom immediately says "eww" "oh, I don't like that," or "don't draw things like that." I don't think she notices how much it hurts me, as art is a huge passion of mine. I am aware of my art being weird or odd, but I don't think it should be put down. Just because I draw a boy with his ears pierced doesn't mean I'm turning against my religion, as my parents think boys with piercings are 'gay'. (Which they obviously aren't, not that being gay is bad anyway). Should I hide my drawings like I've been doing? Should I show them the drawings and accept punishment? Or should I just stop drawing them? Is this criticism normal? Please help, as the comments upon the drawings keep getting worse.
Asked Jul 31, 2015
Okay, no offence to your parents, but they seem like pretty rude people. I love drawing too, usually people, and my moms not a huge fan of piercings and things, but whenever she sees a drawing of mine she doesn't really like, she only says "oh" or "that's interesting" or something like that. No that criticism isn't normal (from what I know). Don't listen to them. I'm sure your an amazing artist, and they're just too blind to see it. Keep drawing what you love, and whatever makes you happy. And you shouldn't have to hide your drawings, if you like them, hang them up on your bedroom walls or something. Your parents need to learn some respect.

Try talking to your parents about it. Just let them know how your feeling, and that u really do love drawing those things, and you will keep drawing them for as long as you want, because that's what makes you happy. And don't parents want their children to be happy?

I'm sorry your parents don't realize such a wonderful artist you are.
Keep drawing, no matter what.
Don't listen to their criticism.
Draw from the heart<3

Well, I hope I helped.

Good luck:)
Answered Aug 01, 2015

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