How can I get all of my school records, college records and residency records permanently destroyed?

So this is the situation. I was born in Denver Colorado but then moved to New York for a while because parents had job opportunities there and they thought New York was better. So I went to school but had a lot of trouble in school because I was abused and was mistreated and was not given proper accomidation for my blindness. The same thing happened in college when I attended for a brief time starting in January of 2012, I took a placement test and failed for the same reason. As a result, I failed a semester of college and was placed on academic probation. Then I took a summer course and once again as had happened in the semester prior, I was abused by college professors and they didn't care that I could not get the materials in the proper format so that I could read and understand the materials. I didn't get a fair chance to succeed and I have been unjustly discriminated against because of my blindness. These incidents have caused me lots of trauma and distress. I ended up dropping out completely in the fall of 2012 because financial assistance rejected me claiming my parents made too much money which was not true, as my parents were not financially comfortable. Taking all of that into account, I want all of my school and college records destroyed as if it never occurred. I also want my records of ever having lived in New York to be permanently destroyed so that I am no longer a New York Resident. Is there a way I can have that done, or is that pretty much impossible?
Asked Jul 26, 2015
Edited Jul 26, 2015
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