Was this child abuse?

There was a show on Nickelodeon UK in 2003 that was was aired briefly.The show was called 'U pick live' and in this show the presenters would repeatedly pie and gunge the kids on it. In every slot kids had the opportunity to vote for what shows they wanted to watch.One kid would be picked by voters to be the boss.One scene I remember was when voters chose a 9 year old girl to be boss for that episode,then dressed her in a man's black suit and pied her countless times. All the adult presenters, cameramen,crew etc all lined up taking their turns to smoosh a pie in her face, each being asked by the male presenter 'Reason for pieing?By the end she was unrecognisable,She seemed to be struggling to breath, opening her mouth up and down. White cream covered her head features like nose and ears clogged you couldn't even tell her gender tbh. She was then asked by a male presenter 'Do you still like being boss, would you like to retire' to which she replied yes and told she couldn't.
Asked Jul 22, 2015
I don't think it was abuse.
Answered Jul 23, 2015

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