Why does my family hate and misjudge me

hat should I do?.. I recently bought a jumper from a shop online and I have decided to return, because I was doing work, I went downstairs to ask my father to return it to the store for me, he is usually kind and nice but he just started screaming, then he said yes and called my mother downstairs to go to the store with him, my mother instanltly started screaming at me telling me that she is going to ruin my life or something and that im always horrible and rude (i honestly dont think, many people have told I am polite and kind). anyway my dad and sister went to the store, while they were gone my mother kept on shouting at me, saying, that im putting on a scene and that she will never talk to me again (that doesnt hurt me as I dont love her, she has done things like this before) what hurts me is that she misjudges me so horribly, she says im spoilt and a pain (hardly spoilt! I rember one year when I was younger, wishing for a birthday card, as my parents put 0 thought into my achevments/occasions for me however it is like new years eve if my sister smiles or something!!) help what should I do? I sill a youngish teen and my mum is a physicatrist shouldnt she know better? Update: ps. i'm sorry this is so long, but please help, things like this have happened before and much worse, my parents have no feelings I just don't know what to do
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Asked Jul 21, 2015

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