Daerm interpretation parade game and murder of homosexuals?

I had a dream I was watching a boy riding or walking there was a parade everyone participated in and they had to take a test that would determine if they were gay or homosexal. A banner would appear before them that would say homosexual or gay. If they were gay or homosexual they would be murdered. However people who are straight gay or homosexual all had to participate in the test and the only answers to the test were gay or homosexual.
The banner appears in front of the person who is gay or homosexual revealing their results. Basically everyone who participates in the parade is homosexual/gay. It is required everyone? participate. We found out in the end that anyone who participates is murdered. It seemed the anti homosexual agenda was happening at first and then it was a parade? But it looked like 2 parades. Everyone was glad to participate. We watched and we were careful. It seemed there was a plan that some would work out how to stop them killing homosexuals. The parade/antihomosexual agenda happened outside a shopping center .
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Asked Jul 18, 2015
Edited Jul 18, 2015

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