Rumor that I was seen buying drugs and cheating on men in town?

I don't know anyone in town and never did any drugs. And dad said I was messaging and known under another name and sending libel to him on facebook and nasty comments and nasty comments every month to a church worker who is not really known to me and is probably not on my list. I was sending messages to a women but I heard a guy said I was messaging him bad things and I was getting a restraining order on me by the church if I keep doing it. Dad said there was a confusion of identity and none of them care. I heard people rumors and they said the main thing they want to is spread the rumors its not about if I really did it. I know my neighbor tells people she sees me in town doing drugs, having sex with many men as well. And people always hang outside my house and said nasty comments people pointed at me one time I was in the supermarket (shopkeepers) they said I was going out with men and that I am a billionaire. What defense do I have? Apparently I had been seen in church recently and interviewed (I haven't been in) and that I am not allowed back. The guy from church I heard was working to make my life super hard sucky (it already has been most of time anyway) and wants to kill me suddenly my facebook messages weren't sending or were talking a long time and my messages I posted on websites were getting low rankings.
They don't care about me at all and don't care if they make me look bad to cover themselves up. I also have neighbors that hate all things. Dad also complained to me I had done it to him (send him bad messages). I guess if its his interpretation at a stretch that I sent messages against him then yeah I did send him bad messages. The church thinks because I sent these supposed messages to him (this man) I could be a legal threat they could challenge me legally with the government if things keep going on. They implied they don't care that they are doing this tome. I don't even live near them anymore.
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Asked Jul 14, 2015
Edited Jul 14, 2015

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