Do other people listen to their crush's favorite song for comfort, or am I weird?!

So this boy I met at summer camp (see my other questions about the boy from summer camp for more details) and we were sitting around a campfire one night enjoying each other's company and talking about everything under the sun (even though it was like 10 at night and completely dark lol) when he said, "It's my life; it's now or never; I ain't gonna live forever; I just wanna live while I'm alive."

And I was like "What?!"

And he was like "What?? You've never heard that song? "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi?!"

And I was like " Have you ever heard "Bohemian Rhapsody"?"

And he was like "What? No, what is that?"

And I was like "It's a Queen song."

So anyways... I'm a Queen fan and he's a Bon Jovi fan. I miss him terribly (I haven't seen him in a couple weeks) and I've started listening to Bon Jovi and it makes me feel better.

So now I'm wondering if he listens to Queen and "Bohemian Rhapsody" and thinks of me for comfort, or if anyone else listens to their crush's favorite band.

I do actually really like Bon Jovi, though. :) lol
Asked Jul 12, 2015
you should kiss him aand get ..... mummu.. and it is okay that happens sweetheart
Answered May 18, 2017

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