Please help, I am very confused and don't know the answer to my life question, so I am asking you.

I am 13 years old, and my mom has given me permission to move to my grandpas. I know she will have to pay child support but listen! I have family and friends 16 hours away from where my mom lives (my grandpa lives 16 hours away as well). Here however, I have been going here for around 3 years. I'm going into high school next year, and I personally think this school doesn't have schooling right. For an example of true events: Are science/gym teacher calls us sluts, every grade (which is in jr.high or high school) has at least 5 or more potheads, Two grade. 10 students have stolen the schools ipads/laptops and sold them for money to buy pot. Everyone is very nosy about everyone's personal life, and this bugs me. Anyways, that's just the school, My brother is quite an a**hole to me, this usually makes me scared to live in my own home sometimes. Now for the disadvantages of leaving: I no longer get payed, My mom is working on my room - and I feel guilty for leaving her after all the hard work she has put into my room, I won't be getting my learners next year (can get them at 14 here, and 16 where i'm moving...), I would have to quit Cadets :(, and yeah. The advantages of living with my grandpa; I get my own room, I get a horse I have been promised to get since I was 8 or 10, i'm near family and old friends, I live with my auntie as well, I live near horses and in the country, no more potheads, new jobs opportunity for me, away from my brother, new school and yeah... Disadvantages for me going there: I can't transfer back, I will leave my mom with 3 other kids and me no longer being her babysitter, I will miss my mom, I will miss Harley (the family puppy), I will miss my sisters and I guess my brother, I will miss my friends as well.
So, what should I do for this BIG life decision?

If you have any questions about my question, please ask :D

Thank you,

P.S I put this topic under Pain, for I am feeling lots of pain trying to answer this question - and there is no other topic - which I find will make it clear.
Asked Jul 08, 2015
If I were you I would really think about thing to do is take a paper and write down advantages and disadvantages on both..i know you told about them..but you will have a good idea about what to do after that..BTW have you maid a decision already?
Answered Oct 14, 2015

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