I cant stand it

I want to go back to dads but he invalidates and minimizes me basically treats me like a animal. My neighbor heard me packing and he said ITS A LIE and talked down to me. And I heard somebody nearby saying "Do you think that's a good move?"

I will have nothing to do there except what I bring and I don't know if I will have the option to leave.

I need a job. I don't know if I can get one in my neighborhood. I have been offered job opportunities but I don't know if I will still be accepted.

I hate living in a unit but I love my apartment.

I feel alone and more alone at my dad's. Completely isolated backmailed and cut off from everyone. Where I live I am blackmailed and at dads my friends are blackmailed, I can't go anywhere and I cant talk to anyone without feeling they dont matter cause I feel invalidated, and I have a need not to be there. I just want to go. He was really unfair to me. I just want to go away. I feel lost in my new house.

Mom doesn't really want me. I keep wishing I would die. They want me to die and somebody probably hired a killer cause they think I'm after the church that's far away. I spent half my savings and was going to get a car. Dad won't give me driving lessons anymore. I know I will try to kill myself.
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Asked Jul 08, 2015

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