I need help identifying the texture of this vintage light!

My friend has a very old hanging globe light. It's very large and appears to be made of milk glass, the texture or pattern on the glass is hard to describe, it sorta reminds me of how stucco looks with its ridges and sorta messy finish, most of the pieces resemble rose petals maybe with the tips sticking up but not enough to call it pointy. It also reminds me how my mother used to put icing on a cake with a spoon, smooth in some places but sticking up in a messy sequence. We've spent hours searching online trying to find something similar and we can't. I've even done research on different glass textures and patterns used by different companies and have had no luck. It's very obvious that its a unique and rare piece but I thought if we knew the correct term for the finish of the glass we would have better luck finding out more about it.
Asked Jul 07, 2015

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