Internet Speed (Which is faster?)

Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I am an older guy that's not very computer savvy. :-O

There are two internet providers in my area that I am looking into purchasing my internet service from. I am having a hard time understanding which of the two companies have the faster internet connection. Can someone please help me? What is the difference between MB and MG? Which of these two internet providers have the faster internet, the one with 7 MB OR 10 MG?

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Thank you in advance!
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Asked Jul 05, 2015
Go with the second one because they are offering upto 10MB at 39.95$ only whereas the first one is offering 7 MB at 49.95$

But before choosing, ask both of the companies that if you run out of your plan, then what will happen? In these cases they can either charge you for the extra data that you use or, they do not charge you and instead lower your internet speed. Obviously, the second option is better because then you would not to worry about being over charged when you use data more your monthly plan.

And ask a few people around about which of these two is better. Do not rely on only on one person. Ask many.
Answered Jul 06, 2015
Actually it depend on your connection and quality.If you are in Cambodia then MaxBIT are the best they are providing very much quality internet and hosting services.They are very professional and providing quality internet connection for your business.
Answered Dec 11, 2017
Edited Dec 16, 2017

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