I'm having a really bad day. help?

Today is the huge 4th of July party for my family and it's at my beach house and everyone goes swimming and jet skis and canoes and it's really fun. But today I just found out I had my period, and my mom won't let my wear a tampon. So I can't go in the water at all, but I guess I'm kinda bloated from my period and I wouldn't look good anyways. So I went downstairs and I was really frustrated and I didn't realize THere was a spider in my hair and two more hanging around on the ceiling. I swatted the spider, but I'm afraid it landed in my pants. Then my best friend called and she said she can't come so I won't really have anyone my age at the party and my other friend was going to come but sadly they called to inform us that their father had died yesterday and that makes me upset as well. Also, because of a condition I can't have sugar so I can't have any cookies or soda so I'll be alone with no delicious food and grief and cramps and worry of a spider in my pants. :( and I only woke up 2 hours ago!
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Asked Jul 03, 2015
Edited Jul 03, 2015

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