Am I being treated fairrly?

to start the story out im 17. I am very mature for only being 17. I am really good at seeing both sides of a situation. I have more than common sense.
background: I am not aloud to be alone in a room with my boyfriend absolutely no bedroom (i understand that) im not aloud to go to his house because they don't want any alone time plus they think his family is weird. im not aloud in a car with him because they think we would go park somewhere and have sex. they check my room at night just to make sure I didn't sneak him in? ( he lives miles away and I have NEVER even thought about doing that!).
very personal but my periods are very irregular and heavy so I asked if I could get on birth control just because it will help my period and boy was that a mistake to ask...! please reply

my mom made an appointment at the docs because I didnt have my period for three months so she thought I was pregnant ( I didnt have sex to even be scared) after they told me it was negitive she said " thank god , budged that bullet!" and I told her it I wasn't even scared because I knew I wasn't pregnant. so the doctor told me I can get on the pill to help my PERIOD and after we left my mom said I don't want you on that pill. and she canceled my next appointment.
me and my boyfriend never did anything bad to get treated like that. my boyfriend is a great man and is very faithful and loving he will do anything for me!
this is where I messed up one day my family was having a fire and my boyfriend is a nut and had shorts on so I told him to follow me and I have a pear of extra shorts in the house. we went into the house and I went into my room to find them. I then came back and told him I couldnt find them so decided to go to a living room and grab a blacket. we started kissing and he went alittle farther and we shoukdnt have so I told him no lets go outside befor my parents go suspicous and as I got up, my dad came in the front door ( the poarty is in the back) he said go home. so my boyfriend runs out the door. and im sitting there scared. I decide im terrified and go to my room I think to myslef I messed up I dindnt mean it... im ashamed of myself, a few days later my dad said I have to break up with him im not aloud to go to prom ( I already got all the stuff)
and if we start dating when he turns 18 he will get him arrested! ( we are five months apart) he cant do that! my boyfriends dad was a police officer and said its a five month difference and we were daing for TWO years before this so he cant do a think. well its july and I miss him.
they told me to go out and hang out with my friends but. im to depressed to. i'm sitting here typing the story and shaking. anyways I dont want to talk to my friends im ashamed I want to see him. I miss him so much. we were together for over two years. I was his princess and he was my prince. but I did wrong.

i just want to know someones thoughts outside of the situation looking in. what do you think?
is it taken to far or am I really just a horrible person that doesn't deserve to be treated like I mature young adul
Asked Jul 01, 2015
That just is not fair. You are an adult so you can do what you like. Your parents cant stop you. You really like him. I feel sorry for you but I cant help some people are just like that. So sorry
Answered Jul 02, 2015

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