Why do I hear strangers voice my private thoughts and conversations I hate in private?

When the person I spoke to swore was bound by oth not to tell anyone. And I searched for things online and sung and talked to myself and my neighbor (kids) knew what I'd been doing. It is very intimidating how much they persecute me. Other neighbor checks on my internet use (SSID) and checks my modem's not on. They check if my lights are on, if I am in the shower, what site I am on and try an guess why I am online, my modem is on, why I have to go pee, I'm diabetic and they assume I'm acholic so do my parents, etc. They don't stop all day taunting me. It wouldn't all matter if I'm at parents cause they 'd still find something to taunt me about.

Dad said he's gona gas light me because I complained/vented to people (in my past) to cope and make myself stay confident an emotionally stable) that I was so cruel to him an he's gona exploit me and ruin my reputation. Anything bad I thought about myself, the neighbors said out loud. They said I'm criminal they got it from dad, cause he said I'm criminal cause he scape goats me and he said he' gas light an slander me. He said it wasnt slander cause the lies he would say on me would be true. Dad doesn't want mom to have me and they try an break up my relationships with other people.

When I clean up my apartment they say I'm not working or I should be study or if I study they say I should be work or organize

Dad has an allie he uses to blackmail me to so that they blackmailer will ruin my life and reputation by blacklighting me and also if I continued he would this guy to in the end kill myself.

I tried hard to be good but it wasn't enough and they seemed more ANGRY when I put in even MORE effort and was VERY OBEDIENT they hated that it made me WEAK (I did it so they couldn't find something to attack me for) and this made me a VICTIM so said dad

Everyone around seems angry when I go out and they assume I'm shoplifting now when I buy my groceries each week.
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Asked Jul 01, 2015
Edited Jul 01, 2015
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