Why do strangers talk weird behind my back in front of me with fake accusations?

They talk behind my back like they know what they're talking about but what they say ends up containing falsehood, they may say my name then imply it has to do with someone else what they said against me and was about me (stories) some is true but there is no way they could know and then they said the data applied to someone else and others they go on talking about them then how its about me then said again it was about me and talk in sarcasm that I am doing good stuff with my life, and add libel and talk spite brushing it off and talk like they all understand each other after appearing nice. I don't like it how they appear nice at first when they don't reveal how friendly they are but they imply they could be mean it makes me think they can't be trusted. At least they give false accusations behind my back that I am ultra rich and they all think I am when I am in fact broke and I have no friends. I spend most of my life in emotional deshevelment (emotion/less\ bordem) due to lack of acceptance from others and parents anyone I try to make friends with ends up slandering me. I hurt myself to feel better about myself sometimes to feel better after people have blackmailed me which opens the door to me feeling terrorized like I am guilty, or something to do and then someone makes me come clean or I manipulate them into making me come clean so I will feel better about myself and then they try again to grab all I have from my life, I feel empty, god wants me to be empty. He only wants me to do what other people will (the work they want), their slave!! Some so called agents stealth stalk me (adult men) because I apparently walked improper and didn't know what I was doing when I was young it took a while to get out of my dad why they stealth-stalk me. I had no f*ing CLUE, it was more than that I believe that they was mad it was also that who my parents are they wanted to get at my parents for who my parents are and they wanted them removed from the town. At school I got singled out by most people in the end by all students I always got singled away because I was "different" when I tried to have fun at all or make friends one time I "bullied" someone they said. I did what I did because I was being emotionally constrained and hated at home and I talked to teachers about it they said "who would believe your parents"? Anyway she forgave me. Everyone else later told me they secretly hated me from then on out and only talked with me to learn at school to socialize cause' thats what school, is for, right? They said to the others.
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Asked Jun 22, 2015
Edited Jun 22, 2015
Because their haters. If they don't know you personally and think they can talk, that just says they haters. Don't worry about them, let them waste they breath and time.
Answered Jun 29, 2015

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