Why does everyone hate me and bully me?

The neighbors spread rumors, taunt me, say how useless not worth mentioning and unimportant I am, that I am crazy and should be hospitalized, that they should go in my house and how quiet I am and how horrible and unimportant I am, and for not being like them, they try to humiliate me, dad told them to, I wanted to die and dad recruited people to harass me and said he would pay someone to do his work which included harassing me if it bothered him too much, they yell at me, gossip about me, mock me, insult me, make me think everyone hates me and make me not want anyone or trust anyone ever and make me want to strangle and hurt them. I owe money and apparently if I don't pay it before its due they legally have a right to harass and humiliate me but parents said I had to leave and go on my own then they said they would blackmail me for leaving, and pretend they didn't but they made me want to leave they never support my goals but they harass me if I vent to other people if I avoid complaining to him cause they know him they want to get me in trouble for talking to them I want to die but ensure that my future life will be grander. They never cared about me. I feel really bad for always telling them its unfair to me to be humiliated and everyone keeps harbingering me I want to live in the wild where nobody will destory me. They said they would make my life a hell if I don't do the things they want and they want me back at their place if I go back to their place they will again blackmail me to my friends and blackmail my friends to me also someone set me up to be the scape goat of my dad and dad uses me and they blackmailed me to him but I found out who was getting dad to but he refused to stop. I tried to be nicer to dad but whenever he needs a scapegoat he uses me and he wants to change me so I will think negative and he just sweeps the past under the carpet whenever he wants...etc I just want to run from them I owe money and I just want to get away from people who are really mean to me I didn't want to do this I wanted to get away and people to like and appreciate me. They took me out of school and then bullied me cause I didn't get jobs and wouldn't stop bothering me to get job. they told me be busy then they wont let me do anything to be busy that matters a f*c*k*i*n*g d*a*m*n to me. Dad said he would arrange people to harass me until I leave my home country where he lives and wont stop using tactics dragging me down until he gets what he wants and he said it casually brushed it off and said I'm just saying. Cutting ties with me isn't enough for me he wants me to cut ties and travel to my mums or to a 3rd world country he has plans to blackslander me with taht
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Asked Jun 19, 2015
Edited Jun 19, 2015
Some people can be complete jackoffs. Depending on where you live, you might be able to contact authorities or even file a restraining order. Best of luck.
Answered Jun 19, 2015

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