Neighbors playing mind games?

I have diabeties and my neighbor mocks & accuses me of being drunk when I eat wrong (eating uncarefully makes me a bit sick or very sick depending on how carefully I eat). I am not sure if I ate the wrong type of sea salt or too many cans of veggies.
I ended up staying up most of the night. I heard someone from the flat next to me say "don't go to bed you will be up all night and shit will happen to you and we will... and bla bla bla will happen" this was in evening. And I ended up being cold and lazy and its freezing I had to sleep naked or with few clothes cause I didn't have enough.
I heard dad talking to my neighbor on the phone telling her that he was getting her to blackmail me and stuff to make me think I'm an idot and doing something to motivate me and he told her to blackmail me and lie that I am doing illiegal things dating many men (I am a complete recluse). My neighbor tells me she can't hear me when I ask her yet she is very nosey and complains to her husband that Im noisey
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Asked Jun 14, 2015
Edited Jun 14, 2015

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