I'm wondering if I'm not her best friend.

Okay so yesterday my friend called me and my mom and my sister like 5 times just to ask if I would come over, I was at a mall but we were going home. So I was like hey why don't you come over, we can pick you up. Andd she was like no I want you to come over, so I said okay let's go to the movies and then she said maybe and she said she'd call me back later. I called her. And she started fake crying and she was like why do you do this to me I thought you loved me and then I asked if she wanted to come and he was like no. So I asked are you sure and stuff and she was like no. And then today I saw her having a sleepover with this girl I have known for 5 years. I'm the one that made them friends and my brstfriend talks to her more than she talks to me. They do stuff together and none of them tell me. The girl and I are still friends but it's awkward now because she switched schools.and once her cousin had a party and I didn't go because my parents said no but the girl asked my estrogens if it was because I didn't like the party girl and because I'm mean. I AM NOT MEAN IF SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING TO ME OR MY FRIENDS OF COURSE ILL DO SOMETHING!!! Well thanks for answering :(
Asked Jun 14, 2015
Try talking to her and maybe it will help.
Answered Oct 05, 2015
Maybe try again
Answered Nov 01, 2015

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