Fl dmv suspended my license?

Ok so Ive had insurance on my vehicle since 3/6/2015. I decided to do a license check because I made my payment two days late just to make sure everything was ok. Turns out, the dmv canceled my drivers license. I called them up on Friday and the lady said that therd is not proof that I have had insurance since April, 15, 2015 when I know thats not right because like I said ive had insurance since March. Not to mention, Ive even updated my insurance to them on May 6, 2015 and everything was fine. My license was valid and I had insurance coverage. They suspended my license in the 2 days that I was late to pay my fuckin insurance. I dont get it! why one month say ok we see you have insurance youre good to all of a sudden say oh no you havent had insurance since April, which is major bullshit. I have all my paperwork that proves ive had insurance and ive made all my prior payments on time. So now thanks to the "lovely state of FLORIDA" I CANT DRIVE AND IVE GOT 2 KIDS!!! Im furious! Im so fucking mad you can see the steam coming out of my ears! this is not my fuck up.Its theirs! Im not giving them money hungry bitches 150 to reinstate my license either. They can kiss my ass! I just want an idea of why this could happen????? just doesnt seem civil at all!!!
Asked Jun 14, 2015

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