Dad told me hes going to go away and blackmail me and then make it look ignorant and ignore me

And the church is doing it and he's going to do it and then hes going to make it look like he didn't and he's going to do it cause they are and their lawyer hates me and their friend is ex gov operative.
He hates me when I vent and he he also hates me talking to people he knows he told me the lawyer is after him and me (going to illiegally stalk me) and he supports church and he has to get away from them he suggested it is advisiable for me to get away. Who can I talk to when I get blackmailed and my dad told neighbor to ruin my name with lies when he pretended to be smiling at my face. He tried to make me condemn myself made me feel hopeless then he told me he would slander me for leaving him. Why do some people such antisocial personalities that they have to stalk another? I wasn't clear why my dad blackmailed me he said he would do something before he does it then he said he will not say he did it then he said he would blackmail me if I don't do what he wants. I heard the neighborhood talking about me and the church and they said I'm antisocial towards the church (I am not really but my dad tells people this cause I don't act happy to him and do what he wants he said he would use it) and use the church to ruin my name he told me in it then he was suggestive and condemns me that "Im not in it".
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Asked Jun 09, 2015
Edited Jun 09, 2015

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