Can my mom call the cops on me for not going to school?

Im 18, and For a while now I've been skipping school. Not because I'm lazy or just don't want to go, but because I have really bad anxiety and it scares me. My mom wakes me up in the morning and threatens to call the cops on me for not going. She usually dosen't, but if she ever does, what will the cops do? Will they bring me to jail for not listening to my mother? Or something else? Or will they just force me to go to school? I'm kind of scared. But I'd honestly rather go to jail, and endure whatever trauma it has to offer, then go to the place that makes me feel the most uncomfortable.

Asked Jun 08, 2015
No if your 18 they can't make you go to jail I misread your answer if your under 18 yes they can send you to jail if your in America
Answered Jun 08, 2015
Edited Jun 08, 2015
Your lucky even though I am only 15 if I skip school dad puts me over his knee and spanks my bare bottom really hard
Answered Jun 22, 2015
Its technically against the law. Its something called truancy. If your mom doesnt make you go long enough without any enforcement, SHE can go to jail, actually.
Also, in most schools, if you're absent for a certain amount of days,then you get denyed the credit for the class, and you'll have to take it over again.
Answered Jun 22, 2015

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