Can an adult ragdoll cat be left alone during the day?

I am considering adopting a 3 YO ragdoll cat - Poppy. She was bought by my friend 4 months ago as company for the ragdoll he already had. Sadly, the two just aren't getting on - even after seeking advice from the vet - and he's putting her up for adoption.

I always had cats growing up and have been thinking recently about getting one. It would be perfect for my friend and I for me to adopt Poppy - he would know she was going to a good home and I get a cat whose temprement I know (she's great with people - just not other cats).

My only hesitation is I know ragdolls are very dependent on interaction. I will be away at work for 8 hours (including travel time) every mon - fri. Does anyone with experience of ragdolls think that will be too much? I'm in every evening and plenty over the weekend. My work is a 5min walk away so I could always pop home for an hour at lunch times to break up her day, although that wouldn't be my preference.

I'm hoping as she is no longer a kitten she may not be as dependant (everything I've read about adopting them seems to talk about kittens specifically), and she obviously would prefer living with no other cats (she was the only cat in her original home), but it would be good to get other views before deciding what to do.

Asked Jun 04, 2015
Edited Jun 04, 2015

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