I want to work at youtube making videos but I dont have a bank account where does the money go?

im a teen (11 gonna be 12 soon) and ive decided I need a job :) ive looked everywhere but nothing...on the last week of school my bff told she will work at youtube by making videos...and then BOOM!!!!! it hit me I wanted to work at youtube too but she said tht you need a bank account to work there I got soo sad becuse I thought making videos was the best thing for me I started to give up...later I asked my parents if I can make a bank account they said I cant becuse it will spend all my money...i asked my oldest sister...she has a job soo I asked if I can put my money there and tht I will pay her 5% of what I earn she said no that thats stupid I asked my grandma she never does anything with her bank account I started to give up totaly and contiued to make videos on my current channel...when I talked to my other bff about it she said she thinks that youtube can mail the money to you I got exited but I dint know if it was true soo I decided to ask here :) can you help me? I realy need money and im getting tired of sleeping home and eating its getting old >~< soo yeah.
Asked Jun 04, 2015

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