My neighbors constantly insult me

They are always saying insults about me so I can hear them and when I go out there's people that insult me and they arranged groups of people to insult me. My neighbors spy on my internet and bank account.
Some kids photographed me in my bathroom from outside and commented how I look naked. My neighbors belittle me, are helpful but behind my back are mean.
When I do things they started making noise and when I lay in bed on Sunday morning they insult me telling me I'm lazy. My neighbor gets the gossip about me from a minister who was visiting me and my neighbor tells people I'm going out with guys and cheating on them.
I never leave the house anymore and I heard some people saying I'm rude. When I went on a trip people everywhere were saying insults and knew who I was even though they didn't when I go to the city people made comments about me things they "knew" and wherever I go they are all "in on" that I'm gonna win money in the future and they use this to drag me down over time and time that I don't know if I want to live if they say I'm gonna win money. I used to like it.

Neighbor said its illiegal I was grounding myself in my backyard using a tree and and then she said random things about me I have no clue what the was going on about. I cant go out with someone making nasty comments on me or commenting on me.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jun 01, 2015
Edited Jun 01, 2015

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