Help me form a utopian world by answering these questions.

Hello, if you are reading this, you want to help me form a utopian world I assume. If so, please read the following.

The Lacuvic Empire is making their move to make a perfect world. I (The King of the Lacuvic Empire) needs to make those who have done a crime of class 2 and above (robbery, armed robbery, bank robbery, rape, sexual assault, attempted assault, attempted rape, attempted manslaughter, attempted murder, murder, etc.) needs to pay for their sins against humanity. Their fore, I will select 6 disciples to punish thou who deserve to be punished. They shall do what they please to punish them, to remove them from our new world.

So what I need you to do, is answer the questions;
-Will you support us?
-Will you join us?
-What do you think of it?
-Will you stop us?
-What do you think this will do to earth?
-If you could, would/will you give us donations of things used to help us? (Weapons, land, support, etc.)

The Lacuvic army thanks you for your time
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked May 09, 2015

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