I have taken two pregnancy tests, both say negative, what does this mean?

I have never been 12 days late before. Latest I've ever been is two or three days. I have pcos but have had it since my daughter was born, which was 6 years ago. Never had problems with it before. Not having same symptoms I did when I was pregnant with my daughter. I've taken 2 pregnancy teat and both said negative. What does this mean, any ideas?
Asked May 06, 2015
When I was 15 I missed mine for a month, took two tests that were negative, my mother took me to the hospital after I began having terrible abdominal pain, and they did an ultrasound and found a golf ball sized cist filled with blood in my ovary, it resolved itself and actually happens to a lot of women, so it wasn't very serious. My point is you should definitely go to a doctor regardless, a missed period could be from a number of different reasons. Hope all is well.
Answered May 07, 2015
Hey why don't you contact Dr okon the spell caster via email [email protected]
Answered May 07, 2015

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