Scrape bled like a war wound, why?

Okay, brief rundown here. I'm 36, my husband works nights, and about 4 AM, I got up to go to the bathroom, walking back to bed, I tripped, fell, hit my head on the radiator. I only panicked at first cause of the amount of blood I was dealing with here. I called my husband at work, he calmly spoke to me about this, tried to see if I could see the wound itself, I couldn't, my hair blood-soaked hair was hiding it. I had offered, well... not a good idea to go back to sleep with now, people always say that when you bump your head, you know...

He comes home from work 3 hours later, looks at my head and said I had only scraped it.

Okay, this is good news! Um, but why did this bleed like a war wound? There was blood all over me, my floor, a trail from where I fell to the bathroom, one of my washcloths is probably forever stained 90% with my life juices here.. I... don't get it.

(P.S., when to sleep around 8 AM, woke up at 3 PM, fact that I woke up told me I'm gonna live... lol)
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Asked May 05, 2015

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