Is 55 a ok iq score


I m 25 years old and my IQ has always been AT 55 or a little lower. but the only thing is I read slow some words I dont undarstand I prefar to read kid books the letters are bigger and I enjoy reading them I might be a little slow.In school I was in a special class because I was slow at reading and writing.But I think I m very smart I dont think Im retarded.I tried taking the californa driver wrte test but I could not understand some words or symals so now I have just an picture id I can drive good but I cant make out symbels or the meaning of words..I work at a fast food place sometimes I need help with certain things they have to show me how to use the computer ..I cant usee the computer very well.And it takes me aboyt 20 minites to get dressed in the mornig..I take my time sometimes I get confused with walking and crossing streets or taking transportation thats very hard sometimes to understand about transportion..but what do you think..
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Asked May 03, 2015

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