How can I defend myself against mass harassment style extreme indirect society bullying

Its not usually said to my face so it is hard to defend myself a mob of people was insulting me someone broke my complete trust, my thoughts are voiced out loud by others, when I go walk it seems to increase the harassment, neighbors, my dad said it probably wont be better anywhere else. I cant concentrate to get work done it gets so so bad, I feel degraded by it, one time I felt mentally raped by it, I heard people say I'm short so I'm not human, people insulted me because of my nationality, this is in a Western country. People shout sugar coated hostility at me but this is not exactly new (we are adults, yes) also the kids join in.

My dad said he would start a smearing campaign on me and get everyone on board.

When I moved out of home my family said they would smear my name.

Then they acted like it never happened and denied it ever happened.
I started posting negative things on facebook because I felt so bad from it and then my dad blamed me for it.
My dad acted like he is an alpha male and he has a right to be in my house because he's my father.
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Asked Apr 30, 2015
Edited Apr 30, 2015

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