In as much detail as possible, how would a bullet be extracted from a wound in the upper arm?

I am currently writing a scene in which one character must extract a bullet from the upper arm of another character to subdue an infection in a wound caused about three days prior. I have searched other places on the Internet for information on the tools a medical professional might use to extract the bullet and sterilize the wound (antibiotics; the fictional wound I am discussing will also require stitches), but I only find information related to what could happen should a wound be left untreated, and many of the answers are simply telling the asker to go to the doctor (obviously). I do NOT need this information. If anyone could provide me with the medical procedures for extracting a bullet, cleansing a wound, applying stitches, and patient recovery suggestions, I would be EXTREMELY grateful, considering my knowledge is limited to the vague terms "antibiotics" (I would also appreciate specific types of those that might be utilized), "tweezer-things probably" and "sleep?"
Please do NOT suggest going to a hospital or any likeness of that suggestion. The characters involved are not and will not be presented with this option, which would evidently be the first course of action in a real life scenario.
Asked Apr 28, 2015

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