Why do people lie to my face about the most unimportant things?

They pretend to like what I like or to care.
They will listen to me tell them what I like (they probably asked) and smile and then go and tell someone else its shit.
They will pretend to agree with me and lie. They will seem genuine. They will stop talking to me for no reason at all if I was their friend. They never want to reveal anything about themselves.

I was talking to my tutor and my neighbor mocked me yelling that he is angry because of everything about me (what I like and what I do with my life) and I looked at my tutor and she seemed like she agreed with her or somebody told her about me therefore I was wrong

Its not like I'm doing anything illiegal.
I told tutor all the old people around here seem to hate everything but she came up with an explanation I'm not sure its true but she thinks it is but its true everyone around where I live hates everything!!!
Why do people talk to me if they don't want to hear.

I put on my earphones whenever I listen to anything and do dishes every few days my neighbor is still angry with me.

My other neighbor seems to change from being angry to being nice next minute her personality seems to change of one who likes me and what I do to one who is an antagonist at everything.

I thought my tutor might be a good person but I am not sure now I think I heard her telling someone I'm rubbish see seemed like she's interested I thought she is I thought I had offended her before and I asked my dad and he said no.

What am I doing people don't like. I don't talk about myself usually unless people ask. I don't know what to ask people about themselves.
When people seem genuine its hard to know. Then they were faking it
Since I've grown up and moved I learned that everyone hates everything and is a rabid antagonist of anything that matters
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Anonymous User
Asked Apr 22, 2015
Edited Apr 22, 2015
You should ask your tutor this - " What is it that I do that makes everyone so angry?"
She could tell you.
Answered Apr 23, 2015
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