Does it sound like I am being punished for past life?

Parents ignored me set me up so I wouldn't care about doing anything I could/wanted but also set me up so I would feel urge to do something. They said they will punish me for past life because I had temper tantrums (4 year old) I am being punished for that and they will set me up to suicide because I had temper tantrums, disobeyed.
I swore I would be a good person but I had this urge to do bad things when I was ignored and I didn't see why I shouldn't do bad things when I wont get punished for them. And this urge to choose to be good or bad came to me several times. My dad(?) would stare me down for being happy or for being me. I believe I may have been ritually abused I am not sure though. I heard there were plans to use mind control and psi on me and I was in a sect in my past life and I was bad and a killer and unless I improve myself by attending church cleanings I will be punished by these people when I am 14 on from then on. And they did magic spell to test if I killed this person and they said I did. I am so confused I have no idea if I killed him and I don't care that I would avoid learning or thinking about them cause I have no idea anyway that doesn't matter why are they being shit to me!! This is crazy that they are doing this. I started hearing things in my head when I was 3 years old and I told my dad and he got really mad and he said he can do church clearing on me to make the demons stop he also told me he was mad at me because there is a demon in me. Then he told someone I told him I was hearing things and I said I wont do church cleaning cause my dad is mad he doesn't want to be nice. This guy will cause problems for me because I didn't like it.
A grandparent said to me I have to believe in god and he read out a really negative scripture from the bible in a really antagonistic tone and told me if I don't believe/do it the devil will get me/I will be the devil, they would use ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse on me. And my granddad said to me this: I have to accept or believe what my parents say other wise I will get punished and my soul will rip apart.

My dad said he will punish me if I am unfriendly to him and black mail me to church and smear my name, get people to harass me.
He claims none of this happened. Maybe I confused somebody else with my dad. A guy told me he would make me believe he was my dad, and I would hate my dad.

I was staying with people at one time and I wanted to talk to the people about what was happening but none of them listened. One person I am sure said something like stop being so vindictive! To me and told me to look out. There is a guy who I believe also set me up to always be impulsively active/if I don't obey my parents he told me had, I had asked him if he stayed with us. And he implied he was a good guy. And he refused to take the blame as a bad person.

I was told that the Masons were trying to get me to join them (BTW when I was a kid I was told the masons and another group were part of this to try and cause trouble for me because I was bad).

I had told my mother what happened and that it was all a dream because I started to believe it was. My dad told me (some of it) really happened) but later denied that he remembered any of this) and I heard rumors when I was 2 that some people hated me for a past life because I killed someone (they said) and that I was a bad person because I cried(?)

I tried to talk to a neighbor about how I was treated and considered living with her but she told them that they are right and that if I don't obey them I'm going to hell and that I have to think in a negative light about things(basically what she said) because my parents are good people.
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Asked Apr 20, 2015
Edited Apr 20, 2015
Aww. Poor you.
Let me put it in the best way that I can.
Your parents are bat shit crazy. In fact your whole family is. Including your neighbors too.
This is all some fucked up stuff that really makes no sense at all.

So I would say,get out of there. You could talk to a teacher. Because to me, you sound like an absolutely normal person.
Answered Apr 23, 2015

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