Can pre ejaculatory fluid cause pregnancy in the situation described?

My girlfriend and I were getting intimate on Sunday morning (19th April) and we were performing mutual masturbation. I'm worried that some of my pre ejaculatory fluid got on my fingers - if it did, then it was a small amount - and when I was going her way, I'm worried this small amount went inside her quite deeply. Is this a cause for concern? Should we consider getting emergency contraception? I had last ejaculated on the Saturday morning and had urinated a few times, and once before we got intimate. Thank you
Asked Apr 20, 2015
You can impregnate the isle of Wight with just that fluid get her checks do it and next time wash Ur hands just in case
Answered Apr 20, 2015
It can happen but the odds are very low. And if you are going to continue to masturbate like this you might want to check out one of those penis health cremes they have on the market nowadays. It will make your penis skin silky smooth, clean and protect it from irritation. It's real good stuff. Cheers.
Answered Sep 07, 2016

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