Does anyone know the name of this movie?

It was about this woman kidnapping this woman and locking her in a basement.And then She starts dating this guy who used to date the woman she kidnapped.And then the man's brother (who's a police officer) goes to this woman's house and finds the woman in the basement and goes to help her but is knocked out by the woman who kidnapped her.And then the woman repeatedly tortured by this woman and is locked in a bathroom.She manages to knock the woman out and nearly escapes in a car but is caught again.She then locks her in the basement and goes back upstairs.She then burns the police officer in a box.And then the man she dated earlier comes to the house after he realizes the kidnapped woman is missing and he finds her in the basement and saves her but the kidnapper woman finds them and attempts to kill them but she is repeatedly hit in the head with a football helmet by the kidnapped woman and is believed to be dead.The woman and the man make it out of the house and run back back home and the movie ends with the presumed deceased woman opening her eyes and revealing to be alive.I think it was a lifetime movie?
Asked Apr 18, 2015
Edited Apr 18, 2015
Lol nv heard of it
Answered Apr 18, 2015

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