I met this girl on town, Don't know how to tell her how old I rly am, as I lied in the first place.

Met this girl on town, she is born in 89 I'm born in 92. told her I was born in 90, Since I was afraid if I told her my real age she would turn her back to me. It ended well that night and I slept over at her place. one day later she added me on Facebook and started talking to me, I feel like this could be something more than just a one night stand, she is kinda.. perfect.... Think we both want to meet up again.. So to my question: How do I tell her my real age, that I'm not only 1 year younger but 3. don't want to destroy this... Thanks in advance from a Frustrated Norwegian.
Asked Apr 13, 2015
U know the heart wants what the heart wants love has no age
Answered Apr 13, 2015
Hard to tell someone you just met that you have lied to them. thought I was drunk, I still was very aware of what I was saying. I might be making to much of a deal out of this. But as I said; I really think I like this girl

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